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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gettysburg PA

These photos are from our trip to Gettysburg PA. Gettysburg is reported to be one of the most haunted places in the world. While we are a paranormal group we also enjoyed the monuments and beautiful scenery. It was also great spending our time with our friends and ghost hunting in the evenings.

The view looking up to Little Round Top from Devil's Den.

This photo is looking back to Devil's Den from the low ground between Devil's Den and Little Round Top.

This photo is looking North-West from Little Round Top. Imagine thousands of men dead or dieing literally littering the ground after the battle.

This is the placard on the monument at the top of Little Round Top.

Here you can see from left to right Cheryl, Marilene, Adriane and Chuck standing on a small bridge listening to Al talk about a spirit of a young girl that died close by. She was riding in a wagon and fell out landing under the wheel cutting off her head. She is reported to try to push females from the bridge from time to time. This small creek ran red with the blood of hundreds of men during the battle for Little Round Top.

This photo shows an orb over Devil’s Den. Even before the battle of Gettysburg this area has had a reputation of being an dangerous place. The Native Americans told stories of a giant snake that lived in the rocks eating children that ventured to close.

These deep cracks in the rock at Devil's Den are where many Confederate Soldiers bodies were thrown after the battle. Relics and body parts are still being found in this area even today.

This is part of the group standing near Devils Den looking into those deep cracks. Don't let the flash fool you it was very dark. Cheryl (front left) is standing right on the edge of a 20' crack in the rocks.

This is the Pennsylvania monument erected to honor of those that fought at the battle of Gettysburg.

This is the view of the battlefield from the top of the Pennsylvania monument, looking North-West.

There were several groups there to reenact some of the battles fought at Gettysburg. 

This is the New York monument raised to honor those that fought at Gettysburg.

While looking for the Indiana monument we stumbled onto a group of reenactors.This is a group named The Contra-Band. They were a group in Gettysburg reenacting some of the battles as well as a band. As you can see they have a great time and allowed us to join in.

They sang and played instruments from the period including a set of bag pipes.

Here is a video of The Contra-Band in action.

From left to right Rhonda, AL, Chuck and Becky enjoying the music and jokes.

This is The Contra-Band singing Happy Birthday to Becky Hodson.

These are photos of Sachs Bridge, the reported avenue of retreat of the Confederate army from Gettysburg. There are reports of several Confederate soldiers being hung from the bridge for running away from the battle of Gettysburg. This is not the original bridge but was built after the real bridge burnt to the ground.

One of the best parts of the trip was that Alan Hunter, was our own personal guide. He is a exceptional historian as well as author of several books. Also in this picture is Rhonda Hunter. If you close your eyes you could see the battle as Al told us many stories each evening.

Legend has it that if you put you ear to the end of a cannon you can hear the battle of Gettysburg. Just Kidding but the cannons on the battlegrounds are the original cannons from the battle.

The following photos are from the Triangle field, thousands from both sides of the battle died here. One of the stories Al Hunter told us was of soldiers that were unable to move being eaten alive by the wild hogs. While a little shocking it makes for a great ghost story! All the photos are posted as shot. Marilene Isaacs as well as all the rest of the group was exploring this area when I shot these photos.

This is a small trail down the west side of the hill near Devil's Den where Al and Rhonda had experienced some unusual energy on a earlier trip.

About half way down the side of the hill we noticed a shift in the energy. While we stood there talking, I shot these photos.

One of the things we talked about was the dimensional feel of the energy. It was almost like stepping back in history.

This is one of my favorite photos of Marilene near the Triangle field. I will let you decide what you see in the lights.

Sometimes we get lucky and capture not only spirit photos but the subjects personal energy interacting with the energy of the location. In the next three photos you can see the how the energy expands and then fades. These three are Image1100 to 1102. all taken within seconds of each other.

This is another very interesting photo of Marilene it looks like a portal or glance into the past.

Here is another photo of Marilene you be the judge.

While this is far from all the photos from the trip I will stop here. If you are a ghost hunter or are interested in the history Gettysburg is well worth the trip. As always sharing our time with such a great group of people added so much to the experience. Thanks to Al & Rhonda Hunter, Marilene Isaacs, Becky & Chuck Hodson, Cheryl, Mike and Adriane Auberry.


I will leave you with a video from the Contra-Band member playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

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  1. The artillery tubes aren't the ones that were at the battle. 90% of them, however, ARE civil war tubes (the remaining 10% being reproductions). Only one tube on the battlefield was actually there at the battle(it's out by Buford avenue and allegedly fired the first shot). The rest of the tubes are mostly from Virginia, as roughly 65% of the entire war was fought there.