S*P*I*R*I*T takes a multi-faceted approach to investigating a reported haunting. We do this by using both scientific methods and equipment to record activity and also intuitives to receive impressions to better understand the cause of the haunting. This way we can solve the cause of the haunting and help the spirits or energies move on. We guide the family giving them information and strategies to protect themselves, put their minds at ease and to clear the home of negative energies. The goal is to resolve the activity and put the family in charge of their home again. Most paranormal activity is not malevolent. It is merely misunderstood energy and/or entities. We are all intuitive to some degree and can learn to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than attracting negative energy by focusing on what we don't want. Focus on what you do want. Thoughts are things. Use your thoughts for good.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3-19-2011 Investigation

We were call to the private residence with reports of voices in the bedroom, shadows in the hallway, strange mist and very menacing feelings in the back yard of this 15-year-old home.

Tami with a orb over her head.

The owners are a very pleasant couple with the husband born and raised in Central America. His Mother and Grandmother both were known to be intuitive and used several different metaphysical devices including a crystal ball. It was very apparent to us that the male resident had inherited his family’s abilities and intuitions. He had made several video and audio recordings in the back yard and had purchased a Frank’s Box from the Internet in hopes of communicating and ridding the property of these menacing energies. The residents also have two very nice dogs one of which is also very sensitive to the energies in the backyard. The dogs reactions to these energies included being reluctant to go into the back yard at night as well as sitting at the back door growling when no one was there. I will post the information the owner got from the Frank’s Box as part of our report, but that information was recorded independent of our findings.

The ELF meter maxed out.

We arrived at the location on one of the nastiest nights this year. Several inches of ice had collected on everything from the roads to the roof of the house. After trading pleasantries we sat down to listen to the owners stories of the activity they had experienced over the last several months. The male resident who is very sensitive was experiencing most of the activity while the female resident seamed oblivious to nearly all what was going on. They gave us a list of activity from voices in the bedroom, shadows in the hallway, the bed shaking, strange mist and very menacing feelings in the back yard. We sat up several cameras and began our pre-investigation finding several spirits inside the house. The first contact was a twenty something female in the master bedroom. Her main response was to not to be bothered, but held great anger for the spirit later to be known as Clyde. Other spirits were an additional female of four to six years of age and a young male seven or eight. Last but far from least was a spirit we called Puffy (later to be known as Clyde) because he stood there all puffed up in a very aggressive manner. This spirit would become our greatest challenge in ending the activity in this family’s home. He repeatedly voiced for us to “Get OUT, This is my property”

Looks like the opening to the TV show The Others. Notice the four figures on the left between the owner and Jill

As the story unfolded Clyde was the owner of a sort of weigh station for wagon trains headed west. He provided the travelers with spare parts for the wagons, perishable items as well as other need items for sale or trade. There appeared to be a battle between the bandits and the wagon train on this location, where many people were killed on both sides. The bandits were dressed to resemble Indians with long dark hair and Native American clothing. We think this was to throw off any law enforcement or military that might come looking for who had robed the wagon trains passing through the area. Having listen to the story we encouraged each of the spirits to cross over and did our best to help them do so. The 20 some thing female and children gladly crossed over at their first opportunity as well as several others including some of the bandits.
Look to the right of the blue light can you see a boys face?

Clyde on the other hand was adamant that he was not going. Knowing that we could not address the energies in the back yard due to the weather we decided to return at a later date. We made several suggestions to the family of ways to try to keep Clyde out of the house and packed up our gear and moved on planning on returning later.

Spirits walking in from all directions.

The investigation
We return to the home on the full moon and the eve of the Spring Equinox. The phases of the moon and the Spring Equinox are reportedly high-energy days. While I’m not sure as to the relevance of these events I thought the worth mentioning.
After exchanging pleasantries the family explained that much of the activity inside the house had ended but the voices in the bedroom continued. We started setting up equipment in the back yard focusing on the areas of greatest activity. The energy from the full moon filled the air and a large group of spirits began assembling. First only a few spirits them more and more until it seamed the yard was full. Thinking that Clyde some how held the key to solving this haunting we continued trying to find out more about the battle between the bandits and the wagon train. What we ultimately found was that Clyde was working with the bandits in some way or another. He would get wagon parts supplies or some other form of payment from the bandits. He was killed during the battle by whom we are not sure.

I see several spirits and a dogs face between them.

He and many of the spirits were trapped in their own limbo by guilt, anger and fear. By convincing them that releasing these negative energies was the best thing to do they were able to move forward in their own personal evolution. While some of the pieces of the puzzle are still missing most of the trapped soles had their chance to move on.

Jill has them lined uo to go in to the light.

We feel very privileged to have played a small part in this investigation and clearing. Look for more pictures and video as well as more information as it becomes avalable.
Looks like Tami's guide standing behind her.

Lastly Here is a photo that we took just after calling for the light to clear the earth bound spirits.

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