S*P*I*R*I*T takes a multi-faceted approach to investigating a reported haunting. We do this by using both scientific methods and equipment to record activity and also intuitives to receive impressions to better understand the cause of the haunting. This way we can solve the cause of the haunting and help the spirits or energies move on. We guide the family giving them information and strategies to protect themselves, put their minds at ease and to clear the home of negative energies. The goal is to resolve the activity and put the family in charge of their home again. Most paranormal activity is not malevolent. It is merely misunderstood energy and/or entities. We are all intuitive to some degree and can learn to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than attracting negative energy by focusing on what we don't want. Focus on what you do want. Thoughts are things. Use your thoughts for good.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

110 Year old Indianapolis School

Several pictures from our investigation of a 110 year old Indiana school once attended by Charles Manson. In attendence was Marilene Isaacs, Al Hunter The HITT Team and Spirit Paranormal. The pictures were taken by Adriane Auberry, Mike Aluberry and Tim Poynter with Spirits Paranormal’s equipment. Also Becky Hodson was shooting video that has not been reviewed as of yet. Thank you to the entire group for their help in collecting the photos and video during the investigation.
Several of these photos are taken of Marilene Isaacs through an interior window. Notice there are several figures that appear around Marilene. One male figure just to the left of Marilene Isaacs, the other near the window frame. Here you can see the same male figure near the window frame as above.
Here you can see a female figure near the window frame. Looking directly behind her you can see a male figure over her shoulder. There are several less visible faces in this photo also.
Here are several other photos from the investigation. Here you can see a young female figure near the left side of the door. She is looking slightly down and the dark spot would be her left eye.
One of the reports at this location was of a young boy looking out the window. In this picture you can see just to the left of the door one or two children’s faces looking up at an adult size shadow. Just left of that you can see an additional adult size shadow standing against the wall,it appears to have depth where it extends past the handrail.