S*P*I*R*I*T takes a multi-faceted approach to investigating a reported haunting. We do this by using both scientific methods and equipment to record activity and also intuitives to receive impressions to better understand the cause of the haunting. This way we can solve the cause of the haunting and help the spirits or energies move on. We guide the family giving them information and strategies to protect themselves, put their minds at ease and to clear the home of negative energies. The goal is to resolve the activity and put the family in charge of their home again. Most paranormal activity is not malevolent. It is merely misunderstood energy and/or entities. We are all intuitive to some degree and can learn to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than attracting negative energy by focusing on what we don't want. Focus on what you do want. Thoughts are things. Use your thoughts for good.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

11-4-2010 Investigation

This is from a combined investigation with Spirit Paranormal, Soup and Tim & Kerri Hogue attending. We were just starting up the equipment when we captured this video. We believe the spirit that has been haunting the home is hiding on Tim Hogue's back watch as he leans forward to check the EMF meter
I’m posting this because it is a very common statement from people that ask us to visit their homes. When they tell people about things are happening in their home no one believes them. We come in to not only document the events but clear the energies responsible. This is Kennys Face Book post: This is a group that I had come to my house to confirm im not crazy and see if they could find out if I truely do have a ghost problem. So far this is what they have seen, watch Tim's back, it happens quickly but it is just what i was hoping they would find. They were very professional and would recomend them to anyone that has a ghost problem. Ill keep posting more stuff as I get it. This video was shot between my family room and living room. This is the message I received after the investigation: Hi tim, this is Kenny. I just wanted to thank you again for everything. Its only been a few days but i can tell a difference. Its quiet and i dont get cold chills like i used to. That video you sent Kerri is crazy! I love it, and i hope you find alot more of it. I will give you high recomendations to anybody i talk to or if anyone has a problem with things like this. I thought you were very professional and knowledgeable with this type of stuff. You can put my name down on anything you do or if you need a refrence to anybody. Once again thank you so much, and my girlfriend thanks you. Keep me posted on anything else you come across and i will post it and brag to my friends and family about you. If you ever need or want to call or text me feel free.