S*P*I*R*I*T takes a multi-faceted approach to investigating a reported haunting. We do this by using both scientific methods and equipment to record activity and also intuitives to receive impressions to better understand the cause of the haunting. This way we can solve the cause of the haunting and help the spirits or energies move on. We guide the family giving them information and strategies to protect themselves, put their minds at ease and to clear the home of negative energies. The goal is to resolve the activity and put the family in charge of their home again. Most paranormal activity is not malevolent. It is merely misunderstood energy and/or entities. We are all intuitive to some degree and can learn to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than attracting negative energy by focusing on what we don't want. Focus on what you do want. Thoughts are things. Use your thoughts for good.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indianapolis House clearing

Here are some photos and EVPs from a resent house clearing. Those that attended were Marilene Isaacs, Al Hunter and the HIT Team and Spirit. The EVPs are “JIM” “I don’t know” “Man” and “Yesss” The client reported apparitions in the bedroom, unknown movement in the spare bedroom, lights going on and off. The damaging of the pictures hanging in the stairway prompted the call for help. We checked the nails and all of them are securely in the wall. It looked as though someone had walked down the stairs and knocked the pictures violently to the ground. Marilene reported several male spirits from a very complicated relationship. As in life the more controlling spirit was acting out over resent events. Marilene put the HIT on these SPIRITs and the client has reported no further activity.

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