S*P*I*R*I*T takes a multi-faceted approach to investigating a reported haunting. We do this by using both scientific methods and equipment to record activity and also intuitives to receive impressions to better understand the cause of the haunting. This way we can solve the cause of the haunting and help the spirits or energies move on. We guide the family giving them information and strategies to protect themselves, put their minds at ease and to clear the home of negative energies. The goal is to resolve the activity and put the family in charge of their home again. Most paranormal activity is not malevolent. It is merely misunderstood energy and/or entities. We are all intuitive to some degree and can learn to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than attracting negative energy by focusing on what we don't want. Focus on what you do want. Thoughts are things. Use your thoughts for good.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2-4-2012 Investigation

I will post photos & video soon


Please use the reverse side of this form and additional pages as needed, numbering the continuations to conform with numbers on this page.

INTUITIVE_____________Tim___________    CASE #_12-3_ ID_______________

I           Prior knowledge  NO

[X ]  History: source ___Client________________________________

[ ]  Witness statements (List)

[ ]  Activity Log

[ ]  Pre-investigation

[X ]  Investigation

II          First impressions/sensations: Spirits 1-male 40 to 50 located in the kitchen area. 1-female mid 20s located in the master bedroom and basement also some negative residual energy located mainly in the master bedroom.

Clients are a young family that moved into the female’s child hood home. Her memories of activity along with resent events prompted her to call us. Both adult clients have had experiences with full body apparitions in the house. The house was built in the mid 1800s as a general store in downtown Greenwood IN. It was relocated to its current location around 1950. At this point the kitchen, back porch and a basement were added to the house. Female client reported several cases of activity from her child hood but the activity has escalated in resent days. Both clients reported seeing apparitions in the living room and kitchen area. The clients have a cat that did not like this spirit. Every time Jill would use the divining rods to communicate with the spirit the cat would try to knock the divining rods away. Jill could hold the divining rods up with no reaction from the cat but when the spirit tried to use then the cat would jump up and stop them.

III            Contacts:

            A. Robert Meran 40 to 50 years old, dressed in drab green uniform in the kitchen area. Very stand offish at first. After some communication we established he was a Military engineer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_engineer that had returned from WW2 and died in 1946 from a lung condition emphysema/cancer. I heard him cough several times and the clients reported smelling cigarette smoke at times in the past. He returned from the war to find his wife/girlfriend missing and remained there even after his death waiting for her to return. He had adopted the current family as his own. He seamed to be a bit confused as to his relationship with the family after being at the location for 56years “Waiting for his girl to return” Robert commented that he like to watch her dance. We thought he was talking about his girlfriend/wife but the female client stated she dances while cooking. This simple connection may be the catalyst to the more resent increased activity and our investigation. This connection that reminded him of his girl prompted him to allow the clients to see him. This and the energy gained from the two small children in the home giving the ability to manifest as a full body apparition. After some discussion we got the impression Robert would cross if given the opportunity to do so. We suggested he might likely find his love on the other side. We noticed that the 20-month-old child woke up shortly before we offered to help Robert cross. He stated that he wanted to say goodbye to her. I had an IR camera in the room and hope to get video of him in the room.

Update While working on EVPs I clearly found one Stating "Loved Linda"

            B. Catherine was a 20s Female wearing a light blue dress with a half appron. She repeatedly said to leave her alone. She gave me the impression that she was connected to the store. The clients had seen a Tarot card reader and she had said the female had died in child birth and was connected to the children in the home. She was not a threat to the family so I sugested that we barter a agreement that she would not bother the clients and she would be allowed to stay. Both parties excepted this agreement. We offered to return to help Catherine cross over if the client felt she was becoming trouble some.

            C. Male Clients Grandmother was a very strong and energetic spirit. He received several personal communications that I will not list here. 

            D. Mail clients Childhood pet dog. While working on EVPs I found where I was discribing a German Shepherd dog. During my discription you can hear a dog bark in the background.         

IV            Lessons learned, confirmed, example? The simple connection of the client dancing brought the spirit from the background to the center of this investigation. This connection allowed Robert to cross and move on. This connection also makes me wonder if the female client may be a descendent or reincarnate of Robert’s lost love. The lesson here I think is not to wait for things to come to you but to aggressively seek them out. Again I find LOVE Transcends death but can become a prison for a lost soul.

V         Any concerns about this investigation? Hope Robert finds his lost Love.

VI            Anything particularly memorable about this investigation? The smallest action (Dancing) can lead to the ability to help another soul.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gettysburg PA

These photos are from our trip to Gettysburg PA. Gettysburg is reported to be one of the most haunted places in the world. While we are a paranormal group we also enjoyed the monuments and beautiful scenery. It was also great spending our time with our friends and ghost hunting in the evenings.

The view looking up to Little Round Top from Devil's Den.

This photo is looking back to Devil's Den from the low ground between Devil's Den and Little Round Top.

This photo is looking North-West from Little Round Top. Imagine thousands of men dead or dieing literally littering the ground after the battle.

This is the placard on the monument at the top of Little Round Top.

Here you can see from left to right Cheryl, Marilene, Adriane and Chuck standing on a small bridge listening to Al talk about a spirit of a young girl that died close by. She was riding in a wagon and fell out landing under the wheel cutting off her head. She is reported to try to push females from the bridge from time to time. This small creek ran red with the blood of hundreds of men during the battle for Little Round Top.

This photo shows an orb over Devil’s Den. Even before the battle of Gettysburg this area has had a reputation of being an dangerous place. The Native Americans told stories of a giant snake that lived in the rocks eating children that ventured to close.

These deep cracks in the rock at Devil's Den are where many Confederate Soldiers bodies were thrown after the battle. Relics and body parts are still being found in this area even today.

This is part of the group standing near Devils Den looking into those deep cracks. Don't let the flash fool you it was very dark. Cheryl (front left) is standing right on the edge of a 20' crack in the rocks.

This is the Pennsylvania monument erected to honor of those that fought at the battle of Gettysburg.

This is the view of the battlefield from the top of the Pennsylvania monument, looking North-West.

There were several groups there to reenact some of the battles fought at Gettysburg. 

This is the New York monument raised to honor those that fought at Gettysburg.

While looking for the Indiana monument we stumbled onto a group of reenactors.This is a group named The Contra-Band. They were a group in Gettysburg reenacting some of the battles as well as a band. As you can see they have a great time and allowed us to join in.

They sang and played instruments from the period including a set of bag pipes.

Here is a video of The Contra-Band in action.

From left to right Rhonda, AL, Chuck and Becky enjoying the music and jokes.

This is The Contra-Band singing Happy Birthday to Becky Hodson.

These are photos of Sachs Bridge, the reported avenue of retreat of the Confederate army from Gettysburg. There are reports of several Confederate soldiers being hung from the bridge for running away from the battle of Gettysburg. This is not the original bridge but was built after the real bridge burnt to the ground.

One of the best parts of the trip was that Alan Hunter, was our own personal guide. He is a exceptional historian as well as author of several books. Also in this picture is Rhonda Hunter. If you close your eyes you could see the battle as Al told us many stories each evening.

Legend has it that if you put you ear to the end of a cannon you can hear the battle of Gettysburg. Just Kidding but the cannons on the battlegrounds are the original cannons from the battle.

The following photos are from the Triangle field, thousands from both sides of the battle died here. One of the stories Al Hunter told us was of soldiers that were unable to move being eaten alive by the wild hogs. While a little shocking it makes for a great ghost story! All the photos are posted as shot. Marilene Isaacs as well as all the rest of the group was exploring this area when I shot these photos.

This is a small trail down the west side of the hill near Devil's Den where Al and Rhonda had experienced some unusual energy on a earlier trip.

About half way down the side of the hill we noticed a shift in the energy. While we stood there talking, I shot these photos.

One of the things we talked about was the dimensional feel of the energy. It was almost like stepping back in history.

This is one of my favorite photos of Marilene near the Triangle field. I will let you decide what you see in the lights.

Sometimes we get lucky and capture not only spirit photos but the subjects personal energy interacting with the energy of the location. In the next three photos you can see the how the energy expands and then fades. These three are Image1100 to 1102. all taken within seconds of each other.

This is another very interesting photo of Marilene it looks like a portal or glance into the past.

Here is another photo of Marilene you be the judge.

While this is far from all the photos from the trip I will stop here. If you are a ghost hunter or are interested in the history Gettysburg is well worth the trip. As always sharing our time with such a great group of people added so much to the experience. Thanks to Al & Rhonda Hunter, Marilene Isaacs, Becky & Chuck Hodson, Cheryl, Mike and Adriane Auberry.


I will leave you with a video from the Contra-Band member playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3-19-2011 Investigation

We were call to the private residence with reports of voices in the bedroom, shadows in the hallway, strange mist and very menacing feelings in the back yard of this 15-year-old home.

Tami with a orb over her head.

The owners are a very pleasant couple with the husband born and raised in Central America. His Mother and Grandmother both were known to be intuitive and used several different metaphysical devices including a crystal ball. It was very apparent to us that the male resident had inherited his family’s abilities and intuitions. He had made several video and audio recordings in the back yard and had purchased a Frank’s Box from the Internet in hopes of communicating and ridding the property of these menacing energies. The residents also have two very nice dogs one of which is also very sensitive to the energies in the backyard. The dogs reactions to these energies included being reluctant to go into the back yard at night as well as sitting at the back door growling when no one was there. I will post the information the owner got from the Frank’s Box as part of our report, but that information was recorded independent of our findings.

The ELF meter maxed out.

We arrived at the location on one of the nastiest nights this year. Several inches of ice had collected on everything from the roads to the roof of the house. After trading pleasantries we sat down to listen to the owners stories of the activity they had experienced over the last several months. The male resident who is very sensitive was experiencing most of the activity while the female resident seamed oblivious to nearly all what was going on. They gave us a list of activity from voices in the bedroom, shadows in the hallway, the bed shaking, strange mist and very menacing feelings in the back yard. We sat up several cameras and began our pre-investigation finding several spirits inside the house. The first contact was a twenty something female in the master bedroom. Her main response was to not to be bothered, but held great anger for the spirit later to be known as Clyde. Other spirits were an additional female of four to six years of age and a young male seven or eight. Last but far from least was a spirit we called Puffy (later to be known as Clyde) because he stood there all puffed up in a very aggressive manner. This spirit would become our greatest challenge in ending the activity in this family’s home. He repeatedly voiced for us to “Get OUT, This is my property”

Looks like the opening to the TV show The Others. Notice the four figures on the left between the owner and Jill

As the story unfolded Clyde was the owner of a sort of weigh station for wagon trains headed west. He provided the travelers with spare parts for the wagons, perishable items as well as other need items for sale or trade. There appeared to be a battle between the bandits and the wagon train on this location, where many people were killed on both sides. The bandits were dressed to resemble Indians with long dark hair and Native American clothing. We think this was to throw off any law enforcement or military that might come looking for who had robed the wagon trains passing through the area. Having listen to the story we encouraged each of the spirits to cross over and did our best to help them do so. The 20 some thing female and children gladly crossed over at their first opportunity as well as several others including some of the bandits.
Look to the right of the blue light can you see a boys face?

Clyde on the other hand was adamant that he was not going. Knowing that we could not address the energies in the back yard due to the weather we decided to return at a later date. We made several suggestions to the family of ways to try to keep Clyde out of the house and packed up our gear and moved on planning on returning later.

Spirits walking in from all directions.

The investigation
We return to the home on the full moon and the eve of the Spring Equinox. The phases of the moon and the Spring Equinox are reportedly high-energy days. While I’m not sure as to the relevance of these events I thought the worth mentioning.
After exchanging pleasantries the family explained that much of the activity inside the house had ended but the voices in the bedroom continued. We started setting up equipment in the back yard focusing on the areas of greatest activity. The energy from the full moon filled the air and a large group of spirits began assembling. First only a few spirits them more and more until it seamed the yard was full. Thinking that Clyde some how held the key to solving this haunting we continued trying to find out more about the battle between the bandits and the wagon train. What we ultimately found was that Clyde was working with the bandits in some way or another. He would get wagon parts supplies or some other form of payment from the bandits. He was killed during the battle by whom we are not sure.

I see several spirits and a dogs face between them.

He and many of the spirits were trapped in their own limbo by guilt, anger and fear. By convincing them that releasing these negative energies was the best thing to do they were able to move forward in their own personal evolution. While some of the pieces of the puzzle are still missing most of the trapped soles had their chance to move on.

Jill has them lined uo to go in to the light.

We feel very privileged to have played a small part in this investigation and clearing. Look for more pictures and video as well as more information as it becomes avalable.
Looks like Tami's guide standing behind her.

Lastly Here is a photo that we took just after calling for the light to clear the earth bound spirits.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1-29-2011 Investigation

This is from a 1/29/2011 Investigation. The clients reported that the children were most affected by the activity but everyone in the home had experienced some thing. The client’s 9-month-old child had been seen playing with an invisible friend. The older 12-year-old child reported things being moved in her room and a general sense of uneasiness. What we found was a young female spirit that moves from place to place and interacts with children until they out grow her. We determined the child spirits name to be Amy. This is a video of our interaction with this child spirit. The location is near Irvington on the National Road. I have noticed that many of the hauntings we investigate are along Ley Lines. This location was no exception. With the clients permission I have included them as part of this video. We never publish your likeness or release your identity without your permission.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comming Soon THE MUMMY

I'm working on the video and photos from our Visit with the Mummy and will start posting it soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wayne County Museum Investigation

Here are a few pics from the Solomon Dickson cabin moved to the Wayne County Museum in 1967. The mother of the Dickson family haunts this cabin. There are reports of things being moved even when the doors have been locked, people being touched and uneasy feelings in the cabin. We got the impression that she was unhappy with people invading her home but she was not a dark spirit just protecting her home. Please stop by and say “Hello” when you visit the Museum.
Photo by Kim Hunt
Photo of Steve and Kim Hunt At the Wayne County Museum. See Kims's photo above and Steves video below.

Can you see the figure at the arrow.

Photo by Spirit Paranormal

C. Francis Jenkins
Raw video from Steve Hunt’s camera during the Wayne County Museum investigation located in Richmond IN. We were in the basement and encountered a spirit that we decided was C. Frances Jenkins. He was the inventor of the Phantoscope a early version of the movie projector.

Here are two photos taken while we were communicating with C. Francis Jenkins. One is a picture of Francis the other is of the EMF meter. Look closely at the second picture Can you see Francis in it also?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

110 Year old Indianapolis School

Several pictures from our investigation of a 110 year old Indiana school once attended by Charles Manson. In attendence was Marilene Isaacs, Al Hunter The HITT Team and Spirit Paranormal. The pictures were taken by Adriane Auberry, Mike Aluberry and Tim Poynter with Spirits Paranormal’s equipment. Also Becky Hodson was shooting video that has not been reviewed as of yet. Thank you to the entire group for their help in collecting the photos and video during the investigation.
Several of these photos are taken of Marilene Isaacs through an interior window. Notice there are several figures that appear around Marilene. One male figure just to the left of Marilene Isaacs, the other near the window frame. Here you can see the same male figure near the window frame as above.
Here you can see a female figure near the window frame. Looking directly behind her you can see a male figure over her shoulder. There are several less visible faces in this photo also.
Here are several other photos from the investigation. Here you can see a young female figure near the left side of the door. She is looking slightly down and the dark spot would be her left eye.
One of the reports at this location was of a young boy looking out the window. In this picture you can see just to the left of the door one or two children’s faces looking up at an adult size shadow. Just left of that you can see an additional adult size shadow standing against the wall,it appears to have depth where it extends past the handrail.